Nordic Ski Fundraiser - Ski Lights at Mississippi Links
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If you'd like to still donate to the project, we will use your funds to support the Red Wing Nordic Ski Team, maintenance of the lights in the future, and potentially the exploration of snow making. 

Light it up, Red Wing!

We need your help to bring light to the dark days of our Minnesota winters. Donate today to illuminate the ski trails at Mississippi Links.
In October 2021, the City of Red Wing approved the Red Wing Nordic proposal for the lighting of the ski trails at Mississippi Links Golf Course. In this private-public partnership, community support is critical to fund the lighting for the upcoming ski season. This project will create access to evening skiing for the Red Wing Nordic Team, Screaming Eagles, Bluff Country Biathlon, Environmental Learning Center (ELC), other organizations, local citizens, and tourists. 

The full fundraising goal for the project is $146,000 and includes wiring, fixtures, and poles for 3.3k of set ski trails. Lighting the first and shortest loop will cost $41,500. Your donation today helps us light the trail, one pole at a time, to provide increased access and safety for our skiers this season.

How does my donation help build the lighted trail?
·$20 purchases a pole anchor
·$50 provides and electric box
·$100 sets 20 feet of wiring
·$500 establishes 35 posts
·$1500 covers the full cost to light 50 yards of ski trail

Honor loved ones and the skiers in your life with a light pole dedication:
·$100 engraves your name along with three others on a light pole
·$500 dedicates a single plaque in honor of an individual or group on a light pole
·$40,000 names one of the three ski loops in your honor!

Pool your donations to honor a loved one. Many have indicated they would like to contribute to the lighting project in memory of Nordic skiers Sammy Kriese or Dave Asp. Make a donation of any size, and indicate that you would like to contribute to collectively raising a light pole in their honor.

Thank you for your donation and support in making this project happen! Light it up, Red Wing!
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Michael Wendland
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10/1/2022   1:00PM - 1:30PM