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TTouch For Your Dog - # 5033 - – 18F1
Tellington Touch® is a unique and positive way of influencing and changing your dog's unwanted behaviors.  The TTouch® method can improve their life and yours!  In this introductory session, you will learn two basic touches that can help your dog relax and settle, how to use your dog’s leash in a unique way to help with leash pulling, and techniques for dogs that are shy and fearful, afraid of thunderstorms, get carsick, jump up on your friends, plus more!  You will take away strategies that you can use on your dog as soon as you get home!  This class is for people only; do not bring your dog.  Enter RWPS through door #10.
6:30 PM
Patti Anderson
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10/22/2018   6:30PM - 8:00PM Red Wing High School - J108